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This wiki is for the NETCONF WG. We are going to provide here information related to the NETCONF WG (the page is mostly updated after an IETF meeting listing the higlights of the meeting).

Thanks a lot to Simon Leinen and Randy Bush, who have done an outstanding job hosting the Netconf page on and the NETCONF mailing list!

Please send any suggestions or Netconf related information you would like to see on this Wiki to Netconf WG chairs,
e.g. links to NETCONF implementations, presentations or tutorials.

Mailing Lists

General NETCONF Discussion: netconf@… (moved from
To Subscribe: netconf-request@…
Old archive (2002- 03/04/2008):

"Netconf Goes On" maillist: NGO@…:
Discussion of non-chartered NETCONF-related topics
To Subscribe:

YANG maillist: YANG@…
Closed. The discussion continues on netmod@…

Other NETCONF related sites

Andy Bierman started a new WEB site called Netconf Central with free YANG tools: 'yangdump' (aka. 'yangto') is freely available in binary form.
YANG modules can be validated online:
Check the "Show Module Reports" listbox for YANG and XSD translations of MIB modules.

Netconf Implementations

Paper, Presentations and Tutorials on Netconf

(are there other paper, presentation or tutorials? Netconf WG chairs)




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