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This wiki is for the NETCONF WG. We are going to provide here information related to the NETCONF WG.

Thanks a lot to Simon Leinen and Randy Bush, who have done an outstanding job hosting the Netconf page on and the NETCONF mailing list!

Please send any suggestions or Netconf related information you would like to see on this Wiki to Netconf WG chairs,
e.g. links to NETCONF implementations, presentations or tutorials.


1 January 2008: WG Adoption of three documents under the new charter. Based on the feedback at the last IETF meeting, the following three submissions have been adopted as work items by the NETCONF WG:



We had a 2 hour WG session on Monday, March 10, 2008 between 1740 - 1950.

  • There were 50 persons in the NETCONF session.
  • We reviewed the status of the WG
  • We went through the chartered WG items and had a good discussion and review of the documents.

The agenda and draft minutes of the NETCONF session are available at:

Session slides are available at:


CANMOD BoF discussed and assessed data modeling requirements and use cases for NETCONF based on available I-Ds. For agenda and session slides see:

At the end of the session the attendees had a consensus that:

  • there is a need for this work,
  • an IETF working group should be formed,
  • additional time spent on requirements for gathering and analysis wouldn't be well-spent.

OPSAREA Open Session

In the OPSAREA open session the data modeling language solution proposals have been presented. The discussion started in the CANMOD Bof continued and the proposals had sufficient time for discussion.
For agenda and slides see:

In the OPSAREA AD open hour session (Thursday afternoon) a group of individuals (RCDML design team, NETCONF WG co-chairs and a few persons in the room) have been engaged to discuss and come up with a draft charter proposal for a new WG focusing on the development of the Data Modeling Language.

In the mean time the draft charter has been discussed on the extended RCDML maillist and sent to the NGO maillist for approval. The proposed WG title is NETMOD. The IESG discussed the proposal for the NETMOD charter and approved sending it to the IETF review.

Mailing Lists

General NETCONF Discussion: netconf@… (moved from
To Subscribe: netconf-request@…
Old archive (2002- 03/04/2008):

"Netconf Goes On" maillist: NGO@…:
Discussion of non-chartered NETCONF-related topics
To Subscribe:

YANG maillist: YANG@…
Closed. The discussion continues on netmod@…

Other NETCONF related sites

Andy Bierman started a new WEB site called Netconf Central with some free YANG tools:

'yangdump' (aka. 'yangto') is freely available in binary form. YANG modules can be validated online:

Netconf Implementations

Netconf Presentations, Tutorials

(are there other presentations or papers since Feb 2004?)




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