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This wiki is for the NETCONF WG. We are going to provide here information related to the NETCONF WG.

Thanks a lot to Simon Leinen and Randy Bush, who have done an outstanding job hosting the Netconf page on and the NETCONF mailing list! The information on will be copied to this Wiki.

Please send any Netconf related information you would like to see on this Wiki to Mehmet Ersue,
e.g. links to NETCONF implementations, presentations or tutorials.


1 January 2008: WG Adoption of three documents under the new charter

Based on feedback at the last IETF meeting, the following three submissions have been adopted as work items by the NETCONF WG:


We plan a 2 hours session in IETF 71. The main goal will be to make progress in completing our current work items. Please send any constraints or requests with regard to a session at the IETF 71 to the WG chairs.

Netconf Implementations


Netconf presentations, tutorials





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