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Mailing Lists

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"Netconf Goes On" maillist: NGO@…:
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Other NETCONF related sites

"Netconf Central" provides information and tutorials on the NETCONF protocol, YANG modeling language and different tools (see: YANG modules can be validated and YANG module database can be searched online.

"YANG Central" provides tutorials, tools and examples for YANG development (see

Netconf Implementations

  • YumaPro is a YANG-based Unified Modular Automation Toolkit for NETCONF, HTTP/REST, and CLI. It includes a NETCONF-over-SSH client and server, YANG compiler, and other development tools.
  • Netconf4Android (Library) is an API that implements the Netconf protocol (RFC 4741) for building client applications (
    • Uses SSH-2 as the transport protocol (ganymed-ssh2);
    • Compatible with Android API level 8 and above;
    • Compatible with Java 1.5 and above.
  • NuDesign provides a Windows based, NetConf Agent for the developers community to try out. The download includes a simple NetConf? client, SSH client & server components, SSH NetConf? subsystem and the core Demo Agent with NetConf?, SNMPv3 and CLI access.
  • ncclient provides a Python API for client-side scripting and application development. Currently implements SSH transport, all RFC 4741 operations and capabilities as well as supports RFC 6241.
  • libnetconf2 is a NETCONF library in C intended for building NETCONF clients and servers. It provides functions to connect NETCONF client and server to each other via SSH/TLS and including support for Call Home as well as to send/ receive NETCONF messages (Contact: Radek Krejci, CESNET
  • Netopeer2 is a remote configuration system, which implements generic NETCONF server and client, both based on libnetconf2. The client side includes a command-line interface so that simple requests can be generated manually, which is useful for debugging (Contact: Radek Krejci, CESNET
  • YencaP, a Netconf agent for Linux implemented in Python, distributed under LGPL as part of the EnSuite (Extended Netconf Suite) collection (download).
  • YENCA, a Netconf agent for Linux implemented in C, available under GPL on SourceForge.
  • Tail-f Systems has a NETCONF server as well as command line and web interfaces, SNMP agent, REST interface and integrated configuration store. Tail-f also maintains an open source implementation of a NETCONF client library that can be integrated with network automation software.
  • GoAhead embeddedMIND™ is an extensible Netconf agent with integrated configuration store and CLI, SNMP and Web interfaces.
  • XML Based Device Management by Wipro, including an agent written in C and a manager in Java
  • An implementation written in C from NEC Europe Ltd in Germany
  • Another implementation written in C by in Korea
  • XMS (eXtensible Management System), written in C, by 6WIND
  • Applied Informatics' C++-based NetConf implementation based on the POCO framework.
  • Netconf4j. Standalone Java netconf implementation used in
  • NETCONF Browser, a user friendly NETCONF GUI client/manager from MG-SOFT, based on MG-SOFT's own NETCONF V1 and V1.1 protocols. Application is implemented in Java.
  • Visual YANG Designer, a user friendly YANG file designer (creator, editor, modeler, builder) from MG-SOFT, based on MG-SOFT's own YANG compiler. Application is implemented in Java.
  • NetconfX, an open-source Java NETCONF client implementation provided by CenteredLogic as part of its Element/Network Management platform.
  • MasterYANG: a lightweight NETCONF YANG data model designer, editor and visualizer.
  • NETCONFc: a lightweight NETCONF GUI client and Python API.

Paper, Presentations and Tutorials on Netconf

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