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pg 16:

error-path: Contains the absolute XPath [2] expression identifying

the element path to the node that is associated with the error being reported in a particular rpc-error element. This element will not be present if no appropriate payload element can be associated with a particular error condition, or if the 'bad-element' QString returned in the 'error-info' container is sufficient to identify the node associated with the error. When the XPath expression is interpreted, the set of namespace declarations are those in scope on the rpc-error element, including the default namespace.

[note sentence 2]

pg 85:

<xs:element name="error-path" type="xs:string" minOccurs="0"/>

[note minOccurs]

When this text was written, there was significantly less understanding of the content layer details. Now that YANG is almost here, and the instance-identifier is available, it seems clear that error-path field should be used all the time, and the <bad-element>QName</bad-element> approach should be deprecated.

The error-path should be mandatory-to-implement, not optional.

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