MPLS Open Design Team


Design Directives

Agendas and Meeting notes

The topic of the weekly meeting is on a 5-week rotating schedule split into:

  • Track 1 for discussions on "Below the (Bottom of Stack) BoS" extensions, e.g.: MPLS extension headers)
  • Track 2 for discussions on "Above the BoS" extensions, e.g.: MPLS label stack extensions.

Meetings occur weekly at the same time. See Webex invite below.

upcoming meeting:

Ongoing Design Wikis

  1. MIAD
    1. thoughts-on-positioning
    2. LabelStack
    3. DataAfterBOS
      1. Encapsulation of Post Stack Data (rev 2)
  1. DesignTeamActionItems
  2. ConditionalActions
  3. Usecases
  4. IETF111-meeting-agendas

Webex Invite

Mailing List

  • There is no separate mailing list for the design team. Discussions are recommended to happen on the mpls mailing list, reaching out to other affected WGs (PALs, DETNET, SPRING) as necessary.


  1. draft-bryant-mpls-dev-primer was written in support of this Design Teams work. It gives an overview of the evolution of MPLS and summarizes drafts that may be considered in the work of the DT.
  2. draft-andersson-mpls-open-dt-questions is a collection of open questions to be addressed by the MPLS Open DT.
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