Meeting Agenda 2021-08-12


Open Design Team

We will have our first weekly meeting after IETF 111. We are still working on the agenda. But "final" agenda (modulo agenda bashing will be posted Tuesday or Wednesday.

  1. Proposed project title:
          MPLS Indicators and Auxiliary Data (MIAD)

Note: a later decision was made to change the A to Ancillary.

  1. Comments on the consensus call on the indicator text.

AI (Loa): prepare discussion on comments for the consensus text for indicators.
ETA: next week.

  1. Use cases - status report


  1. Plan forward - start working in companion text of ancillary data.
  1. Discuss Output documents from the OpenDT

Use-case document(s):

OpenDT may produce new document(s) that references or points to existing use-case document(s).

MIAD requirements specification document

Editor [Matthew has accepted to be an editor and will provide an initial draft]
AI(OpenDT): To provide feedback - email on list is preferred.

MIAD framework document

Editors Cover the architectural foundations

MIAD specifications

Most of the specifications will be produced by other wg's. Changes to the MPLS data plane will be progressed in the MPLS wg. Any IDs that progress in the MPLS working group need to carefully aligned with these working groups.

Network Slicing:

Potentially there are the following Network Slicing drafts addressed to the MPLS wg for which we have to discuss where they belong:

ADD reference to IETF network slicing definitions draft.

Time-Sensitive networking:

Potentially there are the following Time-Sensitive networking draft addressed to the MPLS wg for which we have to discuss where they belong:

In-situ OAM (iOAM):

Potentially there is the following In-situ OAM draft addressed to the MPLS wg, we had a discussion and agreed that this belongs to MPLS:

Network programming:

There are currently no Network programming drafts addressed to the MPLS wg.

Network Service Function Chaining:

There are currently no Network Service Function Chaining drafts addressed to the MPLS wg.

  1. Any other business


Discussion on scope (inter/intra domain) applicability for MIAD:
Should MIAD extend to multiple:

  • dataplane domains?
  • administrative domains?
  • multiple carrier/operator networks?

What are the implications to Auxiliary data encoding?
Hop-by-Hop functions

Ingress Trust Function discussion:

  • should any ingress be trusted to encode auxiliary data?
  • how to validate such trust?
  • what action to take in case of packet is coming from non trust worthy ingress?
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