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    1717During the working group meeting, some comments about considering containment hierarchy and whether namespace need hierachy or not, PVD-aware nodes trust to PVDs et al. finally, the bubble analogy has been used to explain with MPVDs. the working group feel this is a good work and should continue. Design team will continue the teleconf after IETF meeting. Working group people is welcome to join this teleconf.
     19= IETF 90th Summary =
     211) MIF architecture document Working Group Last Call will be postponed to friday for more inputs, encourage more review and comments.
     232) MIF API document has been updted to adapt to MPVD archtecture. couple of issues have been identified, for example, no need of interface info, audience of the document, error and failure, et al.
     253) MIF happy eyeball also has been updated according to MPV architecture, WG recommend to focus only on happyeyeball use case.
     274) Proposed new work items like MPVD ID, DHCP and NPD extension have been supported to be adopted as three work items by concensus.
     295) MIF API session continuity, audience and use case need to be clarified further.
     316) high level API, whether orginal authors would like to continue this work need to be clarified.