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Analysis of OLSRv2/NHDP-optimized Handling neighbor connection with link quality change

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The neighbor nodes reaction to changes in the link quality is not considered by the draft. For example:

A ------- B ------- C (node B is N1 and C is N2)

When link quality change,

A - - - - B - - - - C (node A lost links but still aware)

N1 and N2 may optimise as well for their links quality change. B has A as N1 and C as N1, so B lost links.

When A has change in link quality then:

A ------- B -------- C (at node A recovered links)

A - - - - B - - - - C (at node B lost links which is N1 for A)

B is not connected to C but A thinks they are. There is high probability that when the quality changes in links between A-B there will be changes in B-C. Furthermore, C may not be optimizing router, so it will loose A as neighbour but A still has C as 2-hop symmetric neighbor. This can increase packet loss in the network.



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