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90th IETF Toronto Summary

Activity concerning WG Documents

  • LISP Introduction ( Two new editors have been appointed to this document. They presented a list of suggestions on how to modify the document in order to make progress. Discussion is open (and ongoing) on the mailing list, until the end of August, to have feedback from the community.
  • LISP Threats Analysis ( This document has been deeply revised following a long discussion on the mailing list. New structure of the document, the attack modes, categories, and vectors have been discussed. The document will first finalize the actual content before adding a second part discussing mitigation techniques.

Presentation of non WG Documents

  • LISP Data-Plane Confidentiality ( Update on the document describing mechanism to add data-plane confidentiality in the LISP Architecture. There is a new encoding format for the Key Material so that key exchange parameters from the IANA registry can be used. It exist an implementation of the -00 of the document.

Details in the proceedings of the WG Meeting:

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