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Editorial Issues Section 4 of draft-ietf-lisp-06.txt raised by Dimitri Papadimitriou in his review

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Section 4 “an EID is only routable within the scope of a site” what is
the scope of a site ?

Section 4 last paragraph of p13, refers to Section 8 concerning
“flexible” placement of TR’s but does not respond to the question is
there a deployment scenario that would not be supported.

Section 4.1 states “And the Data Probes are sent on the underlying
topology (the LISP 1.0 variant) but could also be sent over an
alternative topology (the LISP 1.5 variant) as it would in [ALT].” but
in Section 2 does refer to [ALT] in LISP 3 context ?

Section 4.1 point 3 states “The router is configured to "punt" the
packet to the router's processor. See Section 7 for more details.”
Looking at Section 7 there is no definition of “punting packets”.

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