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Section 5.1 behavior

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Section 5.1 of the alt document is confused about its role. It
describes its context as describing ITR traffic handling. That
belongs in draft-ietf-lisp not in draft-ietf-lisp-alt. All
draft-ietf-lisp-alt should do is describe what happens when an ITR
wants to use the alt to discover the mapping of a packet. This
comment is mostly editorial: the text can be reworded in terms of the mapping behavior.

In addition, section 5.1 seems to only describe data probes, not map
request behavior.
The section should either be retitled to make it clear that it only discusses data probes or should be changed to discuss both cases.

My preference is that the section discuss both cases.

Finally, the text does not make it clear what the outer source address
of the packet over the ALT is. I can see a couple of possibilities.
First, you could use the local address of the GRE interface over which
you're forwarding the packet if it has an address. Second you could
use an RLOC address of one of your non-alt interfaces. Presumably you
want the second option, so the text should say this.

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Reply sent by Vince Fuller:

  • Does this issue still apply to the current section 5.1 in the current (06) ALT draft? The issue text doesn't seem to make sence in the context of the current text.

Note: ticket will be closed Friday 25th March unless the responses noted here do not address the concern. If the concern is still not addressed substantive reasoning would be appreciated.

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The WG Chairs, while acknowledging that this was a legitimate question, believe that since the text is describing the behavior of an ITR when it is part of the ALT there is no need to transfer the text to the main specs.

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