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Section 7.2 JWE JSON Serialization

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  1. Make this section standalone and not a - but unlike - section
  1. List the set of restrictions (if any) on using this serialization mode
  1. See the comments on JWS
  1. Is recipients a required element or not. Text says no, email has said both yes and no in the past. Need to have a final decision. I can live with either of these statements.
  1. paragraph "The contents of..." much of this section is redundant of what has been said elsewhere in this section. Remove the duplicate information
  1. JWE Header definition in the same paragraph as F should be in the data model and not here
  1. paragraph "Each JWE ..." This paragraph is not really informative in content. It would be nicer to have a section 7.3 that talks about converting between the two formats as that would be useful information. Saying that things are computed the same should be clear from the description of the encryption algorithm.
  1. next to final paragraph is a restate of what should be in the data model and not here

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