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Section 4.10.2 - Algorithm and examples

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All of the algorithm description and examples are now in the mcgrew draft and should not be placed here. Delete all of it

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Unfortunately, draft-mcgrew-aead-aes-cbc-hmac-sha2-02 still convolves its algorithm descriptions with a particular set of packaging decisions concatenating certain inputs and outputs. While it's headed in the right direction by acknowledging that other packaging decisions are possible in which the values are kept distinct in the new Appendix B (Alternative Interface for Legacy Encoding), both the algorithm descriptions and the example computation values still assume the particular concatenation of the values originally described in previous drafts.

In particular, the ciphertext output S in -02 is still described as having the IV be a prefix to it, rather than being described as the distinct ciphertext value E, as done in draft-ietf-jose-json-web-algorithms-16. The examples in -02 do the same.

Until that is addressed, I believe that the current presentation of the packaging used by JOSE remains too confusing for developers to easily use, hence the continued need for the duplication of this content in our specifications.

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