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Network Function Virtualization Research Group (NFVRG)

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Ram (Ramki) Krishnan (Dell - ramki_krishnan@…), Diego Lopez (Telefonica - diego.r.lopez@…)

Mailing List



Current Drafts

Near-Term Work Item Progress

Policy based Resource Management
Document Editors (from Jan. 1st 2016) - Róbert Szabó and Norival Figueira

Analytics for Visibility and Orchestration

Security and Service Verification

Reliability and fault detection

Service orchestration and lifecycle aspects

Real-time properties

Appendix - Accomplishments of the team in the area of NFV

White papers

“ETSI NFV White Paper,”

“ETSI NFV White Paper Update,”

Research papers

“Behavioral Security Threat Detection Strategies for Data Center Switches and Routers,” IEEE International Workshop on Data Center Performance (DCPerf'14) – Published -

"Analysis of Data Center SDN Controller Architectures: Technology and Business Impacts," IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC) 2015 - Accepted

"SDN Multi-Domain Orchestration and Control: Challenges and Innovative Future Directions," IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC) 2015 Workshop - Accepted

"An Open NFV and Cloud Architectural Framework for Managing Application Virality Behaviour," IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC) 2015 - Published

Conference & Journal Activities

“Editor for special issue on Network and Service Virtualization,” IEEE Communications Magazine,

“Chairing special areas in communications track symposium on NFV,” IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom) 2015 in San Diego.

“Resource Management Considerations for NFV and Cloud Systems," IEEE Communications Magazine NFV symposium – Submitted

“Increasing Network and Energy Efficiency via Optimized NFV Placement in Openstack Clouds,” OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014,,

"NFV Data Center Research – A Call for Participation," DCPerf 2014 Workshop Keynote @ ICDCS, Madrid, Spain,

Internet Drafts

"An Open NFV Architectural Framework for Virality Based Content Caching,"

ETSI NFV Proof of Concept Demonstrations

“VNF Router Performance with DDoS Functionality,”

“VNF Router Performance with Hierarchical Quality of Service Functionality,”

"Virality based content caching in NFV Framework,"

“ForCES Applicability for NFV and integrated SDN,”

“Virtualized Mobile Network with Integrated DPI,”

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