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Information-Centric Networking Research Group (ICNRG)

The official ICNRG web page can be found at

For information that was previously found at this page please refer to PreRgEvents which contains a record of things that happened before the the ICNRG was formed.

This page is now used for keeping track of current work items for the ICNRG, collect minutes of meetings, announcements of events and for other information relevant to the ICNRG ongoing activities.

ICNRG work items

ICNRG current work items

  • ICN Survey document
    • A document that provides a survey of different approaches and techniques
  • ICN Research Challenges
    • A document that describes the ICN problem statement, the main concepts and research challenges in depth.
  • ICN Baseline Scenarios
    • A document that defines reference baseline scenarios to enable performance comparisons between different approaches.

ICNRG proposed work items

  • ...

ICNRG events

Next ICNRG meeting will be held at IETF87 in Berlin

There will be an ICNRG meeting @ IETF-87 in Berlin in July

  • Time: Wednesday July 31st, 0900-1130
  • Location: Charlottenburg 2/3

Proposed agenda items

ICNRG Working Meeting: Sunday July 28th in Berlin

To prepare for the meeting we are planning to have a full-day working meeting for the documents on Sunday July 28th in Berlin. If you're interested in participating in that meeting, please send a mail to Börje Ohlman. Please put "ICNRG Berlin working meeting" in the subject line of that mail. Please make sure to register for the working meeting as the seats will be limited.

Time: 9:00-17:00 (Preliminary)

Location: Pascalstrasse 10, 10587, Berlin, Germany (kindly hosted by Huawei Technologies).

Note: Space is limited. Registrations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Participants registered for the Sunday meeting

# Name E-mail Comment
1 Börje Ohlman Borje.Ohlman at
2 Kostas Pentikousis k.pentikousis at
3 Damien Saucez damien.saucez at
4 Joerg Ott jo at
5 Dirk Kutscher Dirk.Kutscher at
6 Bengt Ahlgren bengt.ahlgren at>
7 Stephen Farrell stephen.farrell at
8 Mark Stapp mjs at
9 Spiros Spirou spis at
10 Daniel Corujo dcorujo at
11 Elwyn Davies davieseb at
12 Ignacio Solis ignacio.solis at
13 Asanga Udugama adu at
14 Jan Seedorf seedorf at
15 Markus Vahlenkamp markus at
16 Mayutan Arumaithurai mayutan.arumaithurai at>
17 Lixia Zhang lixia at afternoon only
18 Chunshan Xiong sam.xiongchunshan at
19 Scott Brim swb at
20 Bartosz Balazinski Bartosz.Balazinski at InterDigital?.com
21 Adib M. Monzer Habbal adib at
## NN NN at xxx

Proposed agenda items

ICNRG interim meeting in Hong Kong

We are going to have an ICNRG meeting on Sunday, August 11, i.e., the day before the SIGCOMM conference.

Time: 9:00-16:30 (Preliminary) Location: Hong Kong City University (kindly hosted by Jianping Wang and Shucheng Liu) Room: Connie Fan Multi-media Conference Room at City University of Hong Kong Location info:

There will an optional sight seeing tour and dinner after the meeting (organized by the host) that will take until 20:00.

In the table below, please add some information until when you plan to attend and whether you are able to join for the social (sight seeing plus dinner).

"Participants registered for the Sunday meeting"

Nr. Name E-mail Comment
1 Dave Oran daveoran at all day + social unless problems with our demo for Monday
2 Dirk Kutscher Dirk.Kutscher at attend whole day + social
3 Börje Ohlman Borje.Ohlman at all day + social
4 Jianping Wang jianwang at
5 Shucheng Liu (Will) liushucheng at
6 Hongbin Luo hbluo at
7 Priya Mahadevan priya.mahadevan at
8 Ignacio Solis ignacio.solis at
9 Damien Saucez damien.saucez at all day + social
10 Diego Perino diego.perino at all day + social
11 Lixia Zhang lixia at 9AM-2PM
12 Cedric Westphal first.last@… all day
13 Zhefeng Yan yanzhefeng at all day + social
14 Yuanzhe Xuan xuanyuanzhe at all day + social
15 Chunfeng Yao chunfeng.yao at all day + social
16 Adib M. Monzer Habbal adib at all day + social
17 Hongfang Yu yuhf2004 at all day + social
18 Jing Ren renjing at all day + social
19 Jia Chen chenjia at all day + social
20 Asit Chakraborti chakraborti at all day + social
## N.N.

"Topics, presentations"

Title Presenter Affiliation
Status of the baseline documents
SAR: Coupling Service Location with (Inter-domain) Routing, Decoupling Them From Forwarding Hongbin Luo Beijing Jiaotong University
Presentations of ICN projects

Other ICNRG events

Past ICNRG events

Meeting Location Date Agenda & Logistics Meeting materials Minutes
1st ICNRG meeting @ IETF84 Vancouver, B.C., Canada July 2012 Agenda Material Minutes
2nd ICNRG meeting @ IETF85 Atlanta, Georgia, USA November 2012 Agenda Material Minutes
3rd ICNRG meeting (Interim) Kista, Stockholm, Sweden February 2013 Agenda Material Minutes
4th ICNRG meeting @ IETF86 Orlando, Florida, USA March 2013 Agenda Material Minutes

Related Information

Related Conferences and Workshops

ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Information-Centric Networking 2011 2012 2013

IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Emerging Design Choices in Name-Oriented Networking 2012 2013

CCNxCon 2012 2013

Dagstuhl Seminar on ICN 2010

SAIL/EFRAIM workshop on Future Media Distribution using ICN 2013

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Conferences and Workshops

Related Research Projects

(please contact us if you want to have your project listed here)

Mailing List

We have set up a mailing list for discussing ICN topics. Please consider subscribing to that list:


Börje Ohlman, Dirk Kutscher, Dave Oran

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