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Information-Centric Networking Research Group (ICNRG)

NOTE: ICNRG is NOW an official IRTF RG.

The official ICNRG web page can be found at

For information that was previously found at this page please refer to PreRgEvents which contains a record of things that happened before the the ICNRG was formed.

This page is now used for keeping track of current work items for the ICNRG, collect minutes of meetings, announcements of events and for other information relevant to the ICNRG ongoing activities.

ICNRG work items

ICNRG current work items

  • ICN Survey document
    • A document that provides a survey of different approaches and techniques
  • ICN Research Challenges
    • A document that describes the ICN problem statement, the main concepts and research challenges in depth.
  • ICN Baseline Scenarios
    • A document that defines reference baseline scenarios to enable performance comparisons between different approaches.

ICNRG proposed work items

  • ...

ICNRG events

Announced ICNRG meetings

  • Interim ICNRG, Kista, Stockholm, Sweden, February 14-15, 2013
    • Meeting time: Thursday 9.00-17.00 & Friday 9.00-15.00
    • Location: Kista, Stockholm, Sweden (exact location TBA)
    • Agenda: TBA
    • Meeting materials: TBD
    • Detailed information will be available early December 2012

Other ICNRG events

  • Workshop focusing on ICN for Future Media Distribution, Wednesday February 13th
    • This is not an ICNRG event, but it is held in conjunction with the ICNRG interim meeting and ICNRG participants are most welcome to participate in this workshop.
    • the workshop will include the final demo of the SAIL project
    • The workshop will have invited speakers, demos and industry discussions, including regulatory issues relating to ICN.
    • The workshop will be organized by SAIL and a Swedish ICN project called Efraim (partners include TV broadcasters (SVT, TV4), Spotify, CDN providers (QBrick, Peeralism), Telia, Ericsson and academic parners (SICS, Acreeo, Lund University))
    • Detailed information will be available early December 2012
  • Heads up on possible non-event
    • ICNRG 'might' not meet at IETF-86 in Orlando as this meeting will be close to our interim meeting
    • Final decision on this will be taken at a later point in time.

Passed ICNRG events

Meeting Agenda & Logistics Meeting materials Minutes
1st ICNRG meeting (Vancouver, Canada) July 2012 Agenda Material Minutes
2nd ICNRG meeting (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) November 2012 Agenda Material Minutes

Related Information

Related Research Projects

(please contact us if you want to have your project listed here)

Mailing List

We have set up a mailing list for discussing ICN topics. Please consider subscribing to that list:


Börje Ohlman, Dirk Kutscher, Dave Oran

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