CCN/NDN Convergence Effort

As we announced in Berlin, people from the CCN and NDN teams have started talking about a convergence effort with two main goals:

  1. Understanding and documenting current differences
  2. Trying to resolve differences, aiming for a consistent specification

Our take-away from the discussion at the meeting was that many people welcome such as an effort and would like to see it happen soon. We do think that the fastest way forward would be to do this as a side-bar breakout in ICNRG, i.e., form a team of volunteers who work on this and report progress to the community. The expected outcome would be documents (documenting differences, and unified spec) that represent the consensus of the community.

The two teams agreed on holding weekly phone calls, plus eventually face-to-face meetings. The chairs’ expectation is that these meetings should be joined by people who understand the technical differences of the two architectures well enough to contribute to that discussion constructively. These meetings will be really focused on the agenda described above – there won’t be time for tutorials, discussion of new features etc.

Minutes and links to working documents are available at icnrg/convergence/meetings.

  • The work on harmonizing the CCN & NND protocols is initially documenting the differences in the document Design Choices and Differences for NDN and CCNx 1.0 Implementations of Information-Centric Networking, draft-icnrg-harmonization-00 (.html, .txt)

We have scheduled weekly phone meetings for Tuesdays, 10:00 PDT (for two hours).

There is a mailing list for technical discussion and coordination that is open to all interested people. If you are interested in joining under the assumptions outlined above, please contact Paul Polakos for info on logistics.

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