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Active Documents

The following are being worked on as IRTF stream documents.

Draft name Draft title Status
draft-irtf-hiprg-revocation-05.txt Host Identifier Revocation in HIP Updated March 2012
draft-irtf-hiprg-proxies-05.txt Investigation in HIP Proxies Updated March 2012
draft-irtf-hiprg-rfid-05.txt HIP support for RFID Updated April 2012

Other documents for discussion at IETF 80:

Draft name Draft title
draft-moskowitz-hip-rg-dex-05.txt HIP Diet EXchange (DEX)
draft-cao-hiprg-flow-mobility-00.txt HIP Flow Mobility
draft-cao-hiprg-legacy-host-00.txt Communication between a HIP-enabled Host and a Legacy Host
draft-kuptsov-hhit-02.txt Hierarchical Host Identity Tags
draft-pellikka-hiprg-certreq.txt HIP Certificate Requests

Other documents published since IETF 79:

Draft name Draft title
draft-yuan-hiprg-failure-detection-recovery-01.txt HIP-based Failure Detection and Recovery for Multihoming
draft-zhang-hip-privacy-protection-02.txt Identity Privacy

Documents for discussion at IETF 79 meeting:

Draft name Draft title
draft-irtf-hiprg-rfid-01.txt HIP support for RFID
draft-irtf-hiprg-revocation-01.txt Host Identifier Revocation in HIP
draft-xu-hip-hierarchical-00.txt Extensions of Host Identity Protocol (HIP) with Hierarchical Information
draft-irtf-hiprg-proxies-01.txt Investigation in HIP Proxies
draft-pellikka-hiprg-certreq.txt HIP Certificate Requests

Documents for discussion at IETF 78 meeting:

Draft name Draft title
draft-irtf-hiprg-rfid-00.txt HIP support for RFID
draft-yuan-hiprg-failure-detection-recovery-00.txt HIP-based Failure Detection and Recovery for Multihoming
draft-lagutin-hip-pla-00.txt Packet Level Authentication (PLA) Extensions for Host Identity Protocol
draft-moskowitz-hip-rg-dex-01.txt HIP Diet EXchange (DEX)
draft-xu-hip-hierarchical-00.txt Extensions of Host Identity Protocol (HIP) with Hierarchical Information

The following documents were discussed at IETF 77.

Draft name Draft title
draft-irtf-hip-experiment-06.txt HIP Experiment Report
draft-wang-hiprg-service-overlay-00.txt HIP Service Overlay Study
draft-henderson-hip-vpls-00.txt HIP-based VPLS
draft-zhang-hip-privacy-protection-00.txt Identity Privacy
draft-lee-object-naming-02.txt Naming Architecture for Object to Object Communications
draft-urien-hip-tag-03.txt HIP support for RFID
draft-zhang-hip-hi-revocation-02.txt HI revocation
draft-zhang-hip-investigation-proxy-01.txt Investigation in HIP Proxies

Recent Documents

The following additional documents have been discussed in the past year.

Past Meeting Minutes and Materials

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Past Documents

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Document Process

The purpose of advancing an independent submission to draft-irtf-hip status is to reflect that the HIP research group desires to work towards publishing the document as an IRTF-track RFC. It may also be the case that the document is later transferred to the HIP working group in the IETF if the HIP working group wants to adopt it.

The criteria for advancing an individual submission are:

  1. the draft represents the consensus of the HIP research group, or even if the draft is not a consensus position, the HIP research group reached consensus that it should be published as a product of the RG
  2. the document either already conforms to the guidelines posted at, or there is a commitment from the authors to bring the draft into alignment
  3. technical reviewers (non-authors) are identified

All drafts presented or posted for discussion on the HIP RG mailing list will be tracked on the wiki. Anyone may propose (on the mailing list) a draft to be advanced to research group status, at which time the chairs will ask on the mailing list whether there is support. There must be some level of positive acknowledgment by non-authors to help review and improve the document to take this action. If the chairs believe that the criteria are met, the draft can be advanced to research group status. Authors may be asked to resolve comments or concerns and come back to the list with a revised draft at a later time.

Once the document reaches IRSG state, a document shepherd will be appointed (typically one of the RG chairs): The document shepherd will work with the authors to advance the document to the state at which it is ready for IRSG review: While the RG will not officially have a "document shepherd" during the RG preparation stage, the technical reviewers reviewing this draft for the RG can look to the criteria in the above process in guiding their comments.

Not all HIP RG drafts will advance to IRSG review; some may migrate to the HIP WG, while some may never reach readiness for either state. To keep things moving along, draft status will be reviewed at the beginning of each research group meeting. Open issues may be tracked on the wiki or in an issue tracker. If a draft languishes (no progress on open issues) after being identified as a research group draft, it may be taken off the list of research group drafts at a future date.

Open Source Implementations

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