Routing Research Group -- Agenda for Vancouver

Past Meeting

Meeting materials and minutes

Session 1: Monday, Dec. 3, Salon F

9:00am10 minsChairsLogistics, agenda bashing
9:10am45 minsSimon SchuetzNode Identity Internetworking Architecture
9:55am20 minsSheng JiangHierarchical Routing Architecture
10:15am30 minsChristian VogtThe Path to Six/One - Incentives, Backward-Compatibility, and Deployment Flexibility
10:45am10 minsPetri JokelaAn integrated Six/One-HIP implementation
10:55am30 minsFred TemplinSprite MTU Determination

Session 2: Friday, Dec. 7, Salon 2

9:00am10 minsChairsLogistics, agenda bashing
9:10am90 minsDino Farinacci, Dave Meyer, Eliot Lear, Vince Fuller, Scott Brim, Darrel LewisLISP proposal and prototype update, LISP CONS, LISP NERD, An EID-to-RLOC Mapping system, LISP EMACS, Interworking LISP with IPv4 and IPv6
10:40am60 minsDan Jen, Michael MeiselAPT update
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