Routing Research Group -- Agenda for San Francisco

Meeting materials and minutes

22-27 March 2009

Friday 3/27

09:00ChairsLogistics, agenda bashing
09:10Dave MeyerArchitectural Implications of Locator/ID SeparationJoel Halpern
10:00Dan JenScaling FIBs with Virtual Aggregation: How Much Stretch? How|Much FIB Savings?Dave Oran, Joel Halpern
10:50Varun KhareEvolution Towards Global Routing ScalabilityDave Oran
11:30Lunch Break
13:00Christian VogtDagstuhl report & DiscussionTony Li
14:00ChairsTerminology ClarificationLixia Zhang
14:45AllOpen Discussion
15:15Official End
17:00Real End
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