Routing Research Group -- Agenda for Dublin

Meeting materials and minutes

Citywest Hotel
Saggart, Co Dublin, Ireland
Convention 3 conference room

09:00ChairsLogistics, agenda bashing
09:10Joel HalpernSome observations on Location and IdentityTony Li
10:10Mark HandleyMultipath Transport, Resource Pooling, and implications for RoutingChairs
11:10Dino FarinacciLISP for Multicast EnvironmentsChairs
13:10Lixia ZhangRouting Scalability: Separation versus Elimination SlidesChairs
14:10Steve BlakeAn Overview of ILNPChairs
15:10K. SriramArchitectural Considerations for Mapping Distribution Protocols SlidesDavid Conrad
15:40ChairsSummary, Directed Discussion, Open DiscussionChairs
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