Events prior to the official formation of the Information-Centric Networking Research Group (ICNRG)

This page contain a record of events that happened before ICNRG became an official IRTF Research Group.

NOTE: ICNRG is NOW an official IRTF RG.

Please refer to the official [ICNRG web page] for up to date information.

Past pre-ICNRG events

ICNRG side meeting @ IETF-83 in Paris



The purpose of this meeting is to give people the opportunity to present current research activities and/or research issues within the ICN field. The presentations should be short (MAX. 10 min including discussion). This time we could only get a lunch slot as we wanted to have the meeting before Thursday to cater for those that need to leave Paris on Thursday to attend the NOMEN workshop at Infocom.

  • Date: Wednesday March 28th, 11.30-12.45 (Lunch meeting)
  • Location: Room 212/213


  • Introduction - Börje Ohlman (Slides)
  • "Route caching: a technique to improve the scalability of ICN" - Andrea Detti (10 min) (Slides)
  • "ICN Transport: benefits and limitations of ubiquitous caching" - Ioannis Psaras (10 min) (CANCELLED)
  • "ICN caching feasibility and trade-offs" - Diego Perino (10 min) (Slides)
  • "A dive into the caching performance of Content Centric Networking" - Dario Rossi (10 min) (Slides)
  • "Information Centric Networking for Virtual Private Community (VPC)" - Myeong-Wuk Jang (10 min) (Slides)
  • "Named Data Approach to Ad Hoc V2V Communications" - Lixia Zhang (10 min) (CANCELLED)
  • Next steps
    • Discussion (15 min)
  • Time permitting
    • "NI software" - Dirk Kutscher / Stephen Farrell / Elwyn Davies (Slides)
    • "Caching with TCP" - Jörg Ott / Pasi Sarolahti
    • "An Identity-based Resource and Service Discovery and Description Approach for Information Centric Networking Architectures" - Pedro Martinez-Julia / Antonio F. Skarmeta
    • "Report from SAIL regulatory workshop on ICN" - Börje Ohlman

ICNRG side meeting @ IETF-82 in Taipei

The purpose of this meeting is to give people the opportunity to present current research activities and/or research issues within the ICN field.

  • Date: Thursday Nov 17th, at 1300-1500 Confirmed
  • Location: 3F North Lounge


ICN RG events at IETF-81 in Quebec

At the IETF-81 meeting in Quebec the proposed RG will be presented at the IRTF Open Meeting and there will be an RG-to-be side meeting to discuss the proposed charter (see below).

ICNRG side meeting @ IETF-81

  • Date: Tuesday 2011-07-26, 13:00 -- 15:00
  • Location: Room 303AB


  • Overview and Agenda bashing - Börje & Dirk [10 min]
  • Information-Centric Networking Concepts and Scope - Dirk Kutscher [30 min] (Slides)
  • ICNRG charter proposal presentation and discussion - Börje Ohlman [45 min] (Slides)
  • Next Steps [20 min]

Minutes from ICNRG side meeting

ICN RG presentation at the IRTF Open Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday 2011-07-27, 9.00-11.30 NOTE: Date has changed.
  • Location: Room 202

We arranged a bar-bar-BOF (at IETF-80 in Prague) on Wednesday (2011-03-30) evening. This was a very informal event at a real bar. The purpose was just to see who would be interested and collect ideas for possible topics to be addressed in an IRTF RG on Information Centric Networking.

The BOF was be held at the Celnice bar/restaurant, V celnici 4, at 20.30 Wednesday evening. Thanks to everyone that attended! Slides and notes from the bar-BOF are available below.

Slides from Bar BoF

Summary of the Bar BoF


Börje Ohlman, Dirk Kutscher, Dave Oran

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