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At this point, the P2P RG is not accepting new work items and is scheduled to be closed soon.

Work Proposals

The following is a proposed draft list of initial topics the P2PRG should address (the list is to be discussed within the P2PRG):

  • A deliverable on taxonomizing the uses of P2P applications: file sharing applications (BitTorrent?, eMule, eDonkey, etc.), interactive communications-oriented applications (p2psip, Skype), media relaying systems (Joost), patch distribution systems, social networks, replacing critical infrastructure (CoDNS), global persistent storage (CFS, OceanStore?).
  • An empirical study of peer distributions in BitTorrent? swarms.
  • A survey of peer selection optimization solutions currently proposed for P2P applications.
  • Impact of peer selection strategies on cross-ISP fairness.
  • Peer-selection for P2P streaming.

P2P RG Meetings

P2P RG Meeting @ IETF 77 - Anaheim, CA, USA, March 21-26, 2010

Draft agenda:

13:00 RG Status Update & Agenda Bash

.RFC 5765 (was security draft)
.draft-irtf-p2prg-alto-survey-01 (Enrico Marocco)

13:10 draft-marocco-p2prg-mythbustering-01 (Enrico Marocco)

13:15 draft-kamei-p2p-experiments-japan-01 (Satoshi Kamei)

13:30 open research items in peer to peer live streaming (Omer Luzzatti)

14:00 Content Peering (Bruce Davie)

14:30 Challenges from P2P streaming and PPSP (Yunfei Zhang)

14:50 Hot Topics in P2P RG & Wrap Up (Stefano Previdi & Volker Hilt)


P2P RG Meeting @ IETF 75 - Stockholm, July 26-31, 2009

Welcome and administrativia - 15 min.
Volker Hilt (volkerh@…)
Stefano Previdi (sprevidi@…)

P2P mythbustering - draft-marocco-p2prg-mythbustering-00 - 15 min.
Enrico Marocco - enrico.marocco@…

ALTO survey - draft-rimac-p2prg-alto-survey-00 - 15 min.
Marco Tomsu - marco.tomsu@…

P2P Group Management - draft-kassinen-p2prg-group-management-00 - 15 min.
Erkki Harjula - erkkih@…

BitTorrent? Measurements: Challenges of Locality Promotion - 15 min.
Zoran Despotovic - despotovic@…

Introduction of ALTO-like activity (P2P Network Experiment Council in Japan) - 15 min.
Satoshi Kamei, NTT - kamei.satoshi@…

Swarm Analysis: 7 days of two popular swarms - 15 min.
Vijay Gurbany - vkg@…

P2P networking for live streaming - 15 min.
Omer Luttazzi - omer@…

Q&A - 25 min.

Meeting Wrap-up - 5 min.


P2P RG Meeting @ IETF 74

The P2P RG will hold a face-to-face meeting at the 74th IETF meeting in San Francisco. Below is the DRAFT agenda for the P2P RG session. The session is currently scheduled for TUESDAY, March 24, 2009, from 1pm to 3pm. As usual, the agenda may change even last minute.

1300-1500 P2P RG

1300-1305 Introduction & Agenda Bash - Stefano Previdi, Volker Hilt

1306-1321 Mythbustering Peer-to-peer Traffic Localization - Enrico Marocco

draft-marocco-p2prg-mythbustering-00.txt slides

1322-1337 Security Issues and Solutions in Peer-to-peer Systems for Realtime Communications - Henning Schulzrinne

draft-schulzrinne-p2prg-rtc-security-00.txt slides

1338-1353 Reducing BitTorrent? Traffic at the Internet Scale - Stevens Le Blond

1354-1409 An empirical study of peer distributions in BitTorrent? swarms - Zoran Despotovic

1410-1425 Distribution of content popularity (caching efficiency estimation) - Stas Khirman

1426-1441 Towards P2P Design using Application-Agnostic Network Storage - Y. Richard Yang

1442-1457 Nano data centers - Christophe Diot

1457-1500 Wrap-up

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