Network Management Research Group (NMRG)

The Network Management Research Group (NMRG) of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) was approved by the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) on Sunday, 14 March 1999. If you have any questions, comments, or wishes, feel free to contact the research group by sending email to the nmrg@… mailing list. The mailing list is being archived at

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The Network Management Research Group (NMRG) provides a forum for researchers to explore new technologies for the management of the Internet. In particular, the NMRG will work on solutions for problems that are not yet considered well understood enough for engineering work within the IETF.

The initial focus of the NMRG will be on higher-layer management services that interface with the current Internet management framework. This includes communication services between management systems, which may belong to different management domains, as well as customer-oriented management services. The NMRG is expected to identify and document requirements, to survey possible approaches, to provide specifications for proposed solutions, and to prove concepts with prototype implementations that can be tested in large-scale real-world environments.

The IETF Operations and Management Area Directors are members of the NMRG mailing list and invited to NMRG meetings in order to ensure free flow of information in both directions, and to avoid duplication of work with the various IETF working groups.

The group will report its progress through a publicly accessible web site and presentations at IETF meetings. Specifications developed by the NMRG will be submitted for publication as Experimental or Informational RFCs.


Membership is open to any interested parties who intend to remain current with the published documents and mailing list issues.

NMRG Co-Chairs

  • Lisandro Granville
  • Laurent Ciavaglia

Minutes and Meetings

Regular working meetings are held about three times per year at locations convenient to the majority of the participants. Working meetings typically take 1-2 days and are typically co-located with either IETF meetings or conferences related to network management.

1st NMRG meeting (Lausanne, Switzerland), November 1998 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
2nd NMRG meeting (Boston, USA), May 1999 Minutes
3rd NMRG meeting (Oslo, Norway), July 1999 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
4th NMRG meeting (Zürich, Switzerland), October 1999 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
5th NMRG meeting (Washington DC, USA), November 1999 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
6th NMRG meeting (Twente, Netherlands), March 2000 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
7th NMRG meeting (Schloß Kleinheubach, Germany), September 2000 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
8th NMRG meeting (Austin, USA), December 2000 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
9th NMRG meeting (Seattle, USA), May 2001 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
10th NMRG meeting (Pisa, Italy), April 2002 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
11th NMRG meeting (Osnabrück, Germany), September 2002 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
12th NMRG meeting (Colorado Springs, USA), March 2003 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
13th NMRG meeting (Vienna, Austria), July 2003 Agenda & Logistics
14th NMRG meeting (Heidelberg, Germany), October 2003 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
15th NMRG meeting (Bremen, Germany), January 2004 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
16th NMRG meeting (Seoul, Korea), April 2004 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
17th NMRG meeting (Davis, USA), November 2004 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
18th NMRG meeting (Nancy, France), July 2005 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
19th NMRG meeting (Stockholm, Sweden), January 2006 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
20th NMRG meeting (Montreal, Canada), July 2006 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
21st NMRG meeting (Utrecht, Netherlands), October 2006 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
22nd NMRG meeting (Prague, Czech Republic), March 2007 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
23rd NMRG meeting (Enschede, Netherlands), November 2007 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
24th NMRG meeting (Philadelphia, USA), March 2008 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
25th NMRG meeting (Munich, Germany), October 2008 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
26th NMRG meeting (Maastricht, Netherlands), July 2010 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
27th NMRG meeting (Quebec, Canada), July 2011 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
28th NMRG meeting (Paris, France), March 2012 Agenda & Logistics
29th NMRG meeting (Orlando, USA), March 2013 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
30th NMRG meeting (Berlin, Germany), July 2013 Agenda & Logistics Minutes
31st NMRG meeting (Zürich, Switzerland), October 2013 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
32nd NMRG meeting (Vancouver, Canada), November 2013 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
33rd NMRG meeting (London, United Kingdom), March 2014 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
34th NMRG meeting (Toronto, Canada), July 2014 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
35th NMRG meeting (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), November 2014 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
36th NMRG meeting (Ottawa, Canada), May 2015 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
37th NMRG meeting (Prague, Czech Republic), July 2015 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
38th NMRG meeting (Yokohama, Japan), November 2015 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
39th NMRG meeting (Istanbul, Turkey), April 2016 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
40th NMRG meeting (Berlin, Germany), July 2016 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
Workshop on Managing Networks of Things (Seoul, South Korea), November 2016 Agenda Proceedings
41st NMRG meeting (Seoul, South Korea), November 2016 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
42nd NMRG meeting (Chicago, USA), March 2017 Agenda & Logistics Proceedings
43rd NMRG meeting (Lisbon, Portugal - IM 2017), May 2017 Agenda & Logistics [Proceedings]
44th NMRG meeting (Prague, Czech Republic), July 2017 Agenda & Logistics [Proceedings]


  • Documents influenced by the NMRG:
    • SPHSM07
    • PSBFPSS07
    • Sch05
    • PDMQ04
    • KS04
    • PFGL04
    • SPS04
    • DMP04
    • MFSW03
    • SPMF03
    • SNF03
    • NFD03
    • SK03
    • PBH02
    • RFC3216
    • MF01
    • RFC2975
    • SMF99
  • Expired Documents:
    • ID-SNMP-COMP-01
    • ID-SMI-XML-00


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