An architecture and protocol for Information Centric Networking

  • Uses a convergence layer architecture similar to DTN (DTN Archhitecture - RFC 4838)
  • Works on complete information objects with names
    • Known as Named Data Objects (NDOs)
    • Expects that name and corresponding NDO content will be securely coupled
    • Designed particularly with ni URI scheme in mind but other schemes could be used
  • Uses simple message/response protocol
  • Provides operations for
    • Publishing content objects (PUBLISH, PUBLISH_RESPONSE)
    • Retrieving content objects (GET/GET_RESPONSE)
    • Searching for content objects (SEARCH/SEARCH_RESPONSE)
  • Various convergence layers defined (notably HTTP, DTN BP, UDP)
  • Source code for reference implementation available at Sourceforge

The NetInf Protocol

Naming Things with Hashes

NetInf Reference Implementation

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