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ICNRG interim meeting, Kista, Stockholm, Sweden, February 14-15, 2013

  • ICNRG interim meeting, Kista, Stockholm, Sweden, February 14-15, 2013
    • Meeting time: Thursday 9.00-17.00 & Friday 9.00-15.00
    • Location: Kista, Stockholm, Sweden (exact location TBA)
    • Agenda: TBA
    • Meeting materials: TBD

Proposed agenda items

Here is a list of things that we can spend the meeting time on, this list is currently open for suggestions

Co-located events

SAIL/EFRAIM workshop Future Media Distribution using ICN, Wednesday February 13th

  • This is not an ICNRG event, but it is held in conjunction with the ICNRG interim meeting and ICNRG participants are most welcome to participate in this workshop.
  • The workshop will include the final demo of the SAIL project
  • The workshop will have invited speakers, demos and industry discussions, including regulatory issues relating to ICN.
  • The workshop will be organized by SAIL and a Swedish ICN project called Efraim (partners include TV broadcasters (SVT, TV4), Spotify, CDN providers (QBrick, Peeralism), Telia, Ericsson and academic parners (SICS, Acreeo, Lund University))

Excursion to the Stockholm Archipelago, Saturday February 16th

This is a standalone event that is open to anyone. The excursion will use regular public transport. The good part is that no pre-registration is needed so you can decide the same morning, e.g. depending on the weather, if you want to go. The bad part is that you have to pay for it by your self.

The basic setup is (more details will be added):

  • Bus from Slussen to Stavsnäs
  • Boat from Stavsnäs to Sanhamn
  • Lunch at Sandhamns Värdshus
  • Time to walk around the island
  • Boat and bus back


You can either register yourself in this table or you can send an email to mailto:Borje.Ohlman@… (make sure to have "ICNRG registration" in the subject line). If you choose the latter alternative, please double check that I've entered you in this table (to make sure I did not miss your mail).

#* Name* Affiliation E-mail* Arriving Departing Hotel Comment
1 Börje Ohlman Ericsson Research Borje.Ohlman@… - - -
2 David Oran Cisco Systems oran@… - - -
3 Stephen Farrell TCD stephen.farrell@… - - -
4 George Xylomenos AUEB xgeorge@… - - -
5 Myeong-Wuk Jang Samsung myeong.jang@… - - -
  • = Mandatory fields

Hotel information

As there is really nothing to do or see in Kista (except shopping) the general recommendation is to stay in downtown Stockholm close to the main railway station. There you have the Arlanada Express train with non-stop service to the airport. And the subway that will take you to Kista in 15 minutes. Here you can find some hotels close to the station.,18.0597&sspn=0.008953,0.016565&oq=hotels&hq=hotels&t=m&z=16

If you want to save every minute in the morning and decide to stay in Kista, these are the hotels you can choose from.,17.952003&spn=0.017868,0.033131&sll=59.403161,17.960415&sspn=0.017868,0.033131&oq=hotels&t=m&radius=0.7&hq=hotels&z=15

Some hotel information can also be found at

Getting to and from the airport information

To/from Stockholm city

Use the Arlanda Express train with non-stop service to the airport.

To/from Kista

There is a new direct commuter train service that started December 2012. More information on this will be added.


CAUTION!!! Be very careful if you choose to take taxi from the airport. They are allowed to charge ANY amount, e.g. €500. A trip from the airport to Stockholm should cost €40-50. Safe companies include Taxi Kurir, Taxi 020 and Taxi Stockholm. But still check the fixed price BEFORE getting into the taxi because there are lookalikes.

Local transportation

Will be added soon...

The official ICNRG web page can be found at

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