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ICN Survey Document

Objective of this document: To provide a survey of different ICN approaches and techniques

Editor(s): NN
Responsible ICNRG chair: Dave Oran

This page is used for getting this document started. The intention is to collect ideas, references to relevant related material and to agree on an outline of the document. It can also be used to record the status and progress of the work as well as to keep track of who is responsible for which sections.

Document Abstract and outline

Paulo (Jul 29th, 2013): Based on the discussion that started at the time of the Kista meeting. Here is the updated status about the Survey draft, following the action points identified in the last meeting.


Paulo Mendes (editor), SITILabs /University Lusofona
Cedric Westphal, Huawei
Lixia Zhang, UCLA
Karen Sollins, MIT

Abstract: This document provides a survey about possible directions for the evolution of Information-centric Networking (ICN) solutions. The goal of the document is not to provide a characterization of current ICN proposals, for which there is already significant literature. First of all, the document aims to reach a general consensus about the nature of the ICN paradigm (what are ICNs, what should ICNs be and who are the stakeholders). Second we analyze major architectural approaches for the instantiation of the ICN paradigm,ending up with the identification of several design choices. Special attention is given to the applicability areas described in the ICNRG Baseline Scenarios draft. The analyzed design choices may be specified by some of the technologic and scientific challenges to be described in the ICNRG Research Challenges draft.


  1. Introduction
    1.1. Scope
    1.2. Related effort
    1.3. Notation
  2. General View on Current ICN Paradigm
    2.1. Motivation
    2.2. ICN major characteristics
  3. ICN paradigm revisited
    3.1. Stakeholders
    3.2. Context awareness
    3.3. System support
    3.4. Programming support
  4. ICN architectural design choices
    4.1 Focus on the what: Declarative networking approach
    4.2 Focus on the How: Internetworking approach
  5. Conclusion


The document "draft-mendes-icnconcept-00.txt​" is outdated.
The current version of the draft is "draft-mendes-icnrg-survey-00.txt". This corresponds to vernon -00 to be analyzed in the Berlin and Hong Kong meetings.

Discussion on outline and overall contents of document

(provide your comments to version -00 of the document here)

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Links and references to material that can be included in the next version to this document

OLD Discussion

  • survey of ICN routing and name schemes /Paulo Mendes
    • it would be interesting to know if the scope is intra- or inter-domain. In any case, I'd be interested to contribute to this, too. /Dirk Trossen
    • I'd like to contribute as well /Cedric Westphal
  • ICN energy efficiency: there is some early work in this area, which could be covered.
  • Potential deployment of ICN /Will Liu
  • Survey of MobilityFirst?, XIA and CONET in "3. Current ICN proposals" /Will Liu
    • Other architectures/related approaches, e.g. CURLING, Haggle
  • Discussion of mobility support? /Gareth Tyson

People interested in contributing to the draft

Name E-mail Interest/Topic
Börje Ohlman Borje.Ohlman at NetInf
Will Liu liushucheng at content retrieval/potential deployment/Internet of Things
Gareth Tyson gareth.tyson at ICN mobility, ICN+DTN, ICN middleware
Lixia Zhang lixia at ICN architecture
Ashok Narayanan ashokn at ICN architecture
Cedric Westphal first.last at ICN architecture

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