ICN Baseline Scenarios

Objective of this document: To define reference baseline scenarios to enable performance comparisons between different approaches.

Editor(s): Kostas Pentikousis
Responsible ICNRG chair: Börje Ohlman
Current submitted draft version of the document:

Working versions of the document are attached at the bottom of this page.

Document status

  • October 2013
    • The scenarios sections has become an RG draft and is undergoing review.
    • Revision ready for RG Last Call planned for IETF 89 - London

People interested in contributing to the draft

Name E-mail Interest/Topic
Börje Ohlman Borje.Ohlman at Define reference application behavior
Kostas Pentikousis k.pentikousis at Define reference mobile networking scenario
Myeong-Wuk Jang myeong.jang at Define reference social networking scenario
Daniel Corujo dcorujo at IoT and Management scenarios
Will Liu liushucheng at ICN+SDN
NN NN at xxx

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