Welcome to the ICCRG Wiki page (the official IRTF ICCRG page with charter etc. is here).


Future meetings:

  • Planned for IETF-99.

Past meetings:

  • Manchester, GB, on 5 March 2008, co-located with Pfldnet 2008 (which contains some information regarding logistics). Here is the agenda, and here are some details about logistics and streaming.
  • ISI, Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles), California, co-located with Pfldnet 2007, on 12/13 February 2007.

Agenda ... Logistics

RG Documents

  1. Welzl, W. Eddy, "Congestion Control in the RFC Series", RFC5783, February 2010.
  1. Papadimitriou, M. Welzl, M. Scharf, B. Briscoe, "Open Research Issues in Internet Congestion Control", RFC6077, February 2011.

Current proposals

LISA: A Linked Slow-Start Algorithm for MPTCP



Proposals for which ICCRG evaluation has finished - so they were handed over to the IETF for further processing

TCP Alternative Backoff with ECN (ABE)


Compound TCP


TCP Evaluation Suite

Development of the Common TCP Evaluation Suite started in the Transport Modeling Research Group (TMRG), now closed.

The current version of the draft and companion implementation for the ns2 simulator are available here.

Evaluation of Proposed Experimental Congestion Control Schemes

How the ICCRG intends to assist the IETF is explained in a draft ION.

The procedure is:

(1) The authors submit an independent I-D.

(2) The authors explicitly tell the TCPM WG and the TCPM co-chairs [*]

that they'd like their I-D to become a work item and eventually an experimental RFC.

[*] Could perhaps be TSVWG if this is not a TCP scheme (e.g., XCP).

(3) The TCPM co-chairs send an email to the ICCRG co-chairs requesting

that the ICCRG perform a safety review of the document.

(4) The ICCRG chairs mobilize the RG in whatever way they deem useful,

get the reviews and return them to TCPM at the end of some review period.

Design Teams

We had a design team in ICCRG:

Some Relevant Documents from Related Groups

  • Please send other documents that need to be included to the RG chairs!
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