DCLC Meeting at IETF #90

Proposed Agenda

  • Problem statement/analysis

It is believed to be of great value to work on further exploration and better understanding on the potential problems at least for the early phase of DCLC.

It is essential to bring together the understanding from DC operators (use-cases/expectations), understanding from general research (e.g. exploration of the factors contributing to a given problem and how it would affect the expectations) and the understanding from device manufactures (e.g. device features that triggers the contributing factors and affects operator’s expectation).

From a very high level, three types of use-cases (i.e. delay-sensitive distributed applications, virtualization, and multi-tenancy) and two types of problems (i.e. incast and bufferbloat) have been mentioned in our previous discussion. We would like to invite more input and concrete work on this direction.

  • Production data sharing

It is generally agreed that it would be both highly desirable and generally hard to get real data from production DCs.

It is hardly surprising that a security personnel would naturally tend to say “NO” if he is asked to share a piece of raw data without knowing the risk it bears. Therefore, It may help if he is provided with a concrete list of aggregated metric/parameters, which is intended to outline the “vague big picture” rather than to capture “every sensitive detail”.

Hence, we would suggest that we start working on a more concrete “specification” about what specific data would be helpful based on the experience from the research community on working on a general problem. Take the incast problem for instance, the distribution of flow duration/volume traversing a given bottleneck link may be of interest. What do you think?

  • Discussion of research and tooling
Item Speaker Draft/Document?
Reducing Internet Latency: A Survey Bob Briscoe
Gap Analysis on Virtualized Network Test Vic Liu
Latency Test Report Dapeng Liu
TCP Congestion Control as Latency Control (Tsinghua Work) Fred Baker TBD
TCP parameter control Haibing Song
Accurate TCP ECN Bob Briscoe
Network Performance Isolation in Data Centres using Congestion Policing Bob Briscoe

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