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Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP)

The Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP) is awarded for recent results in applied networking research that are of potential interest to the Internet standards community. The website list the goals of the prize, the nomination process, the awarding committee, and the past winners.

Timeline for Nominations

A typical timeline for the nomination and award process is as follows:

  • July -- Discuss with ISOC and IETF LLC to confirm that ANRP will continue
    • Usually happens during the summer IETF meeting
    • ISOC holds the budget and secures sponsorship; IETF LLC is not significantly involved
  • August -- Create HotCRP instance
  • September -- Invite award committee, setup HotCRP, and update website
    • Some continuity in award committee membership is desirable, but also rotate in new people
  • October -- Announce ANRP, collect nominations
    • Announce via email and social media
  • November -- Nominations close
    • Send reminder announcements via email and social media early in November
    • Announce at IETF plenary
    • Nominations usually close on the Monday after the IETF
  • December -- Award committee call to select winners; email nominees
    • Allow two or three weeks for the committee to review
    • The call to select winners is generally a week or so before Christmas
    • Inform nominees of the outcome before Christmas, ask to confirm acceptance
  • January -- Inform IAB of winners

Timeline for Awards

  • 10 weeks prior to IETF
    • Confirm award winners and arrangements with ISOC
    • Contact award winners and start making travel arrangements
  • 7 weeks prior to IETF
    • Announce award winners for coming meeting (email and social media)
    • Update website
  • 3 weeks prior to IETF
    • Email award winners to confirm talk titles, duration, and other logistics
  • At IETF meeting
    • Find winners during welcome reception
    • Introduce winners to Greg Wood, who will write IETF blog post about the award
    • Lunch with winners on the Monday
    • Talks during IRTF Open Meeting
    • Winners attend IRSG dinner on the Wednesday
  • After IETF
    • Follow-up with winners -- thanks for attending; reimbursement via secretariat, etc.
    • Follow-up with Greg Wood to ensure blog post is written