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IETF 75 minutes

1NVRG BOF Minutes
3July 28, 2009
4IETF 75, Stockholm Sweden
6Substitute chair: Joe Touch, USC/ISI <touch@isi.edu>
7Minutes prepared by Joe Touch
9There were 17 attendees, of which 5 were mailing list members.
11We discussed the current draft charter, and suggestions for updates.
13Issues discussed include:
15- - OS vs. network virtualization
16        the interaction between the two is probably relevant,
17        but unclear to what extent
19- - commercial virtualization support
20        VMware, other software routers
21        hardware router support
22        IEEE standards for virtualization
24- - relationship to other IETF virtualizations
25        TRILL (L2) / LISP (L3) subnet encapsulation
26        L2VPN / L3VPN / PPVPN
27        tunnels
28        VRRP (?)
30- - virtualization extent
31        core (PPVPN/TRILL/LISP) vs. E2E vs. component (host/router)
33- - relationship to other efforts
34        ITU-T future Internet
35        FIND
37        a question was raised as to whether we need or already have an
38        ITU liason; I confirmed with Aaron Falk (IRTF Chair) that we
39        do not have one nor do we need one. IRTF efforts do not reflect
40        any official ISOC policy; we operate as individual groups
42- - existing projects
43        a number were mentioned, in addition to a summary published in
44        IEEE Communications in July (as posted to the list)
45        these would be addressed after the charter is finalized
47Joe Touch led a discussion on the goal of the charter, and some basic
48components that might streamline the current version, e.g.:
49        1. explain/define what we mean by network virtualization
50        2. explain what they're useful for
51        3. describe some challenges
52        4. list some milestones
54He noted that #1 and #2 were in the charter only as needed for basic
55context; full definitions would be developed as part of a document that
56would be in the milestones.
58Some candidate milestones were indicated:
60        a. background/terminology
61        b. common parts of NV architectures
62        c. common problems/challenges in NV
63        d. some solutions (per-problem perhaps)
64        e. descriptions of appropriate uses
66In parallel with such group documents, individual documents describing
67existing research and testbeds could occur in parallel, but might not be
68group documents.