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Make conversion from '\' to '/' scheme-dependent

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Boris Zbarsky wrote at

On 6/20/11 12:35 AM, Chris Weber wrote:

3987bis does say this in

  1. Convert backslashes ('\') matching href-path-sep to forward

slashes ('/').

And HTML5 says the same in it's section on Resolving URLs

  1. If result uses a scheme with a server-based naming authority,

replace all U+005C REVERSE SOLIDUS (\) characters in result with U+002F
SOLIDUS (/) characters.

Though note that these two statements are not quite equivalent unless whether section 7.2 applies can depend on the scheme.

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This comment needs to move to the HTML processing spec (no tracker component at this point); I think the main feedback for IRIs is that this is not an IRI operation.

In fact, the \ to / conversion might in fact be specific to the definition of http:, file: and ftp: URIs/IRIs.

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Note previous trac issue

Some web applications convert "\" to "/", and others don't. We may have to make this mandatory or disallowed (but not optional), for Web Addresses.

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