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include tag ranges in iprivate production

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From editorial teleconference 2010-09-28:

Ticket #29: include tag ranges in iprivate production

Addison: I think that makes sense

Martin: just one kind of practice that is currently out of the syntax

Peter: another instance of "this is legal but it's a bad idea"

Addison: don't need to call them out, just say "here's the range of codepoints"

Larry: need to point out that some software might reject these characters (backward compatibility issue that we should document, diff from 3987)

ACTION ITEM: Martin to update ticket and/or propose text

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I have verified that the overall tag range (U+E0000-E0FFF) is already added in the syntax (this was done in draft-duerst-iri-bis-02).
I have created text that points out the difference, as requested by Larry. The text reads:
Added the tag range (U+E0000-E0FFF) to the iprivate production. Some IRIs generated with the new syntax may fail to pass very strict checks relying on the old syntax.

To keep this text (the "Change Log" section is to be removed by the RFC editor), I have created a new section just above the "Change Log" section, entitled "Main Changes Since RFC 3987".

Moved Larry's OLD/NEW text about the processing model to this section (It may need some more tweaking.) from the Change Log section.

Added a dummy subsection to the "Major Changes" section to indicate that there are other major changes that need to go in this section.

Added a reference to RFC 3987.

Chairs: In my opinion, this issue can be closed.

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I proposed that this issue can be closed to the chairs some months ago. I got the instruction that I can close such issues myself. Done herewith.

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