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Move some IANA-related text from 3987bis to 4395bis

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as of -10, 3987bis contains a lengthy IANA section and the following IANA-related text in section 5.4, Use of UTF-8 for Encoding Original Characters:

This specification updates the IANA registry of URI schemes to note
their applicability to IRIs, see Section 8. All IRIs use URI
schemes, and all URIs with URI schemes can be used as IRIs, even
though in some cases only by using URIs directly as IRIs, without any

All this text should move to 4395bis, with only some pointers left in 3987bis.

I have assigned this ticket to 4395bis because I think it is best to first have the editors of 4395bis look over the text and check what is already in 4395bis and what not, and move that text over, and then tell the editors of 3987bis (by switching over the ticket from 4395bis to 3987bis) where the text ended up in 4395bis, so that the editors of 3987bis can remove it.

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