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Add 'submitter' and 'owner' columns to 'URI/IRI Scheme Registration Template'

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From IETF 82 it was decided that the "URI/IRI Scheme Registration Template" (see section 6.4 of should include two additional columns for:

1) submitter
2) schema "owner"

Additionally, consider removing the column for "Author/Change? controller".

See the minutes at:

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by masinter@…

In a discussion, there was a quesiton of whether 'owner' would imply more change control than was intended. Perhaps 'submitter' and 'creator' or 'origin' or something, so that the change control rules were clear that the creator might have some standing but not total 'ownership'.

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by masinter@…

Suggested edit:



Person (including contact information) to contact for further

Author/ Change controller:

Person (including contact information) authorized to change this,
if a provisional registration.



Person (including contact information) who supplied the registration
template. If template appears in an Internet Draft or RFC, this field
MAY be omitted.

Change controller:

Person or organization authorized to submit changes to the
registration, if other than IESG. If the template is part of
a standards-track RFC, this field MAY be omitted.

Also, in the IANA Considerations section 8, the paragraph:

The updated template has an additional field for the status of the

scheme, and the procedures for entering new name schemes have been
augmented. Section 6 establishes the process for new URI/IRI scheme

insert a second sentence

"The updated template also changes 'Contact' and 'Author / Change

Controller' to be 'Submitter' and 'Change Controller', to more
accurately label the roles."

and a paragraph:

"As the registration template changed , please add a note:
Existing registrations should be treated as if the 'Contact'
name was the 'Submitter' and the 'Change Controller' is
the existing 'Author / Change controller'. If other corrections
are needed they will be handled by a separate RFC."

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