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added Appendix A: List of ASCII Symbols and their Bidirectional Character Types. This is purely informational.

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    r146 r147  
    453453      <t>This document was derived from <xref target="RFC3987"/> and <xref
    454454        target="RFC3987bis"/> and the acknowledgments of those documents
    455         apply.</t>
     455        apply. Shunsuke Oshima (大嶋 俊介) provided the data for Appendix A.</t>
    456456    </section>
    457457    <!-- acknowledgements -->
    518518        </front>
    519519      </reference> &rfc3987; </references>
     520    <section title='List of ASCII Symbols and their Bidirectional Character Types'>
     521      <t>To help understand the influence of various symbols on IRI display,
     522        this appendix lists all of them, giving the character itself,
     523        the Unicode codepoint, the character name, the bidirectional character type (BCT)
     524        and the rule and relevance in the IRI syntax.</t>
     525      <t>The most important ones in practice are
     526        ":", delimining schem and port (CS, Common Number Separator),
     527        "/" to indicate generic (hierarchical) schemes and as a path separator (CS, Common Number Separator),
     528        "?" to introduce a query part (ON, Other Neutral),
     529        "#" to introduce a fragment identifier (ET, European Number Terminator),
     530        "." to separate labels in a domain name (CS, Common Number Separator),
     531        "&amp;" to separate form parameters (ON, Other Neutral), and
     532        "@" to separate user information (ON, Other Neutral).
     533      </t>
     534      <figure>
     535        <artwork>
     536Char Codepoint  Character Name       BCT  IRI syntax
     538"#"  U+0023     NUMBER SIGN          ET   gen-delims, fragments
     539"/"  U+002F     SOLIDUS              CS   gen-delims, paths
     540":"  U+003A     COLON                CS   gen-delims, scheme, port
     541"?"  U+003F     QUESTION MARK        ON   gen-delims, query part
     542"@"  U+0040     COMMERCIAL AT        ON   gen-delims, user
     543"["  U+005B     LEFT SQUARE BRACKET  ON   gen-delims
     544"]"  U+005D     RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET ON   gen-delims
     545"%"  U+0025     PERCENT SIGN         ET   pcd-encoded
     546"!"  U+0021     EXCLAMATION MARK     ON   sub-delims
     547","  U+002C     COMMA                CS   sub-delims
     548"+"  U+002B     PLUS SIGN            ES   sub-delims
     549"$"  U+0024     DOLLAR SIGN          ET   sub-delims
     550"("  U+0028     LEFT PARENTHESIS     ON   sub-delims
     551"'"  U+0027     APOSTROPHE           ON   sub-delims
     552")"  U+0029     RIGHT PARENTHESIS    ON   sub-delims
     553"*"  U+002A     ASTERISK             ON   sub-delims
     554";"  U+003B     SEMICOLON            ON   sub-delims
     555"="  U+003D     EQUALS SIGN          ON   sub-delims, forms
     556"&amp;"  U+0026     AMPERSAND            ON   sub-delims, forms
     557"."  U+002E     FULL STOP            CS   unreserved, domain names
     558"-"  U+002D     HYPHEN-MINUS         ES   unreserved
     559"_"  U+005F     LOW LINE             ON   unreserved
     560"~"  U+007E     TILDE                ON   unreserved
     561" "  U+0020     SPACE                WS   excluded, delim
     562'"'  U+0022     QUOTATION MARK       ON   excluded, delim
     563"\"  U+005C     REVERSE SOLIDUS      ON   excluded, unwise
     564"^"  U+005E     CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT    ON   excluded, unwise
     565"&lt;"  U+003C     LESS-THAN SIGN       ON   excluded, delim
     566">"  U+003E     GREATER-THAN SIGN    ON   excluded, delim
     567"`"  U+0060     GRAVE ACCENT         ON   excluded, unwise
     568"|"  U+007C     VERTICAL LINE        ON   excluded, unwise
     569"{"  U+007B     LEFT CURLY BRACKET   ON   excluded, delim
     570"}"  U+007D     RIGHT CURLY BRACKET  ON   excluded, delim
     571        </artwork>
     572      </figure>
     573    </section>
    520574  </back>
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