Conference Calls with TeamSpeak

This is the bare minimum you will need to join ipsecme conference calls. Please contact Paul or Yaron if you have any questions.

We will use TeamSpeak version 2 for both audio and instant messaging.

  1. Download the client from the TeamSpeak v2 client download page. The rest of these instructions assume you have the Windows client, version Note that TeamSpeak version 3 clients do not work with the version 2 server.
  2. Install the client normally. In some cases you will need to be a local administrator.
  3. Make sure you have your audio on, since most of the program messages are spoken.
  4. Change your settings to “push to talk” (this is mandatory for all conference calls, as one non-PTT client can degrade the quality of the entire conference):
    • Go to Settings/Sound Input/Output Settings.
    • Select “Push to talk”.
    • Press the Set button, then your selected PTT key. We recommend the “Ctrl” key (other keys will beep when pressed continuously).
  5. To add the ipsecme WG server, go to Connection/Connect, right click on the “Servers” item, select “Add Server”, give the server a name (“ipsecme”), then add these details:
    • Label: anything will do, leave at “ipsecme”.
    • Server Address:
    • Nickname: please enter your real name here. Note that you do not need a username/password, so the nickname is important for people to know who is talking and/or messaging.
  6. Now press Connect.

If you cannot reach the VPNC server, try this public server to verify that your client is working: If you’re not sure about your audio, good old “sndrec32” is your best bet.

Having microphone problems on a Windows PC? On many Windows systems you can boost the microphone: Open Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, click the Audio tab, select Volume in the Sound recording section, and from there select Advanced at the bottom of the microphone section (you may need to enable "Advanced Controls" from the Options menu). Finally check the Microphone Boost control.

As a backup, we suggest that you also connect to the ipsecme Jabber room on

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