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Describe Thread

IoT SDOs, alliances and influential companies


IoT SDOs are organizations that are doing open standards work in the IoT space.


IoT Alliances

IoT alliances are groups of companies working together on mutually interoperable IoT ecosystems in a semi-open, limited access fashion.

Thread Alliance

Thread operates more as an SDO than as an alliance. Thread focuses on connectivity (L1-L3), but also attempts to have a security story. Thread operates in a closed way during specification development. Specifications created by Thread are not available to the public even when completed.

OpenADR Alliance

Influential Companies

This is a list of companies that are doing work in the IoT space, and are influential there. What it means for a company to be influential is that they are developing and shipping IoT products that are seeing widespread deployment, and that they are the originator of whatever protocol is being used on those devices. This is an interesting category because in many cases these companies are developing one-off solutions that they hope to spin into an ecosystem that allows them to control the cloud presence of their solution and specify what can and can't be added to that cloud; from an interoperability perspective, this can be problematic. Knowing which companies are doing this, what they are doing, and why they have chosen a closed approach, is useful for motivating standards work.