IOT Directorate Areas of Expertise

This is a list of the various areas of expertise amongst IoT Directorate Members. The idea is to have a clear and fairly concise list of different areas of expertise.

IoT:RoutingRouting for constrained devices, e.g. ROLL
IoT:CodingCoding in IoT device environments
CoAPConstrained Application Protocol
CoREConstrained Restful Environments
SecurityIoT security
802.15Wireless Personal-Area Network
802.1XLayer-2 Access Control
Header-Compression6lowpan and related header compression techniques
IoT:OaMOperations and Management for IoT
Zigbee:IPIP over Zigbee
Security:UsabilityUsability engineering for IoT security
APIsIoT network APIs
Low-EnergyProtocols and energy management for constrained-energy devices
Low-MemoryProtocols and memory management for constrained-memory devices
ThreadThread working group
LifecycleIoT Device Lifecycle Management
Time-SensitiveTime Sensitive Networking
App-PlatformsApplication Platforms
Neighbor-DiscoveryNeighbor Discovery in an IoT network
High-LatencyHigh latency networks
Constrained-CryptoCrypto for constrained devices
TerminologyThe definition of meaning and relationships of terms used in standards in to order avoid the typical state of general confusion
ArchitectureThe definition of standardized building blocks, their functions, corresponding methods and models of interaction to compose non-monolithic interoperable solutions
Security AutomationA composite of solutions that enables scalable security management able to handle the expected increase in numbers of interconnected things
Remote AttestationThe creation, conveyance, and appraisal of evidence from an attester to a verifier in order to assess the trustworthiness (e.g. integrity) of an attesting device (incl. NFV, TEE, etc.)

Related SDOs

This is a list of SDOs and SDO sub-groups, for SDOs that have them, that relate to IoT work:

802.11IEEE 802.11 working group
802.15IEEE 802.15 working group
802.1XIEEE 802.1X working group
ThreadThread Group
TCGThe Trusted Computing Group focuses on hardware-based trust, corresponding attestation procedures and information sharing.
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