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There were 3 6TiSCH-related events at IETF99.

The 1st F-Interop 6TiSCH Interoperability Event ( took place on 14-15 July, just preceding the IETF. 16 entities participated, with a test decription focusing on 6TiSCH (RFC8180, draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol, draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal-security) and related security (OSCOAP, EDHOC). 6TiSCH is now supported by all mahor 156 tests were run, 86% of them passing.

6TiSCH-related projects took part at the hackathon, on 16 July. 6TiSCH is now supported on all major open-source implementations: OpenWSN (, Contiki (, RIOT ( Further work included full support of the entire 6TiSCH security bootstrap in OpenWSN.

The 2h WG meeting was organized around 3 sections.

Dynamic Scheduling

  • TL;DR: 6P protocol virtually finished, SF0 goes experimental: immediate future work on SF.
  • draft-ietf-6tisch-6p-protocol-07 is almost final, with some final suggestions coming out of the plugtests. There was some discussion about the "generation counter" field, which was resolved during a side-meeting later at IETF99.
  • draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-sf0-05: the WG discussed whether to change the status of this draft to experimental.


  • TL;DR: minimal-security stable and implemented, several complementary work, concern about EDHOC not having a home at IETF.
  • draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal-security-03: the complete solution was shown to work at the plugtests. There were discussion about the fact that, after 5 hops, the solution requires 6LoWPAN fragmentation. The chairs expressed concern about the fact that EDHOC still has no home at the IETF.
  • draft-ietf-6tisch-dtsecurity-secure-join: optimized procedure of ANIMA BRSKI for 6TiSCH
  • draft-richardson-6tisch-join-enhanced-beacon: an additional header in the beacons to configure nodes to serve as join proxies or not. 10 people thought it's a good idea to adopt the draft, none against.
  • draft-richardson-6tisch-minimal-rekey: COMI-based rekeying

Unchartered items

  • TL;DR: lots of new work around 6TiSCH
  • draft-duquennoy-6tisch-asf-00: interesting new SF concepts, chairs encourage authors to continue working on it
  • draft-munoz-6tisch-examples-02: important support document, discussion about where/how to publish it
  • draft-papadopoulos-6tisch-pre-reqs-00: new concept, no time to discuss
  • draft-lijo-6lo-expiration-time-04: not presented (out of time)