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IETF 95 Summaries


The 6TiSCH WG met on Monday 2pm local time for a 90 minutes slot. The meeting met its expected duration and all agenda items were covered.

  • An additional agenda item was added, for Tero Kivinen to describe draft-kivinen-802-15-ie, which is a document of a cross-WG interest and which should be published as AD sponsored. This item was presented first at the 6TiSCH WG meeting to allow Tero to manage a collision in his agenda. 6TiSCH is definitely interested in getting the draft through, and plans to use it for the 6top protocol.
  • the new charter and associated tasks were presented by the chairs. The remaining presentations (except the very last one) are all related to chartered items
  • A Status of draft-wang-6tisch-6top-protocol was given. The draft addresses a charter item. The draft is more mature than the name-xx suggests because it was renamed. A call for adoption was done and yielded positive reaction, to be confirmed on the ML.
  • A Status of draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0 was given. The draft also addresses a charter item. The draft is also more mature than the name-xx suggests, but the work has evolved more considerably and is not yet stable. A call for adoption was done and also yielded positive reaction, to be confirmed on the ML.
  • Michael Richardson presented a position slideware depicting the relative goals of ANIMA, NETCONF and 6TiSCH in the provisioning and bootstrapping of devices. There are common element and a good possibility to reuse/share work, yet the objectives and assumptions clearly differ. 6TiSCH is now rebooting the join process work.
  • Time permitting, we had a presentation of new work on a reactive version of RPL draft-satish-6tisch-aodv-rpl. The remote speaker being inaudible, a coauthor in the room presented. The author asked for WG adoption. The chairs indicated that though 6TiSCH could certainly be interested in using the work, ROLL at the routing area would be the place for adoption. Ines Robles came to the mic and confirmed.

The full minutes, the detailed action items and the presented slides are published in the IETF material manager. The meeting was recorded through Meetecho, recording (audio+video) is available.


DPRIVE met Wednesday morning for an hour. The feeling is the working group on track and proceeding.

  • draft-ietf-dprive-dtls-and-tls-profiles was presented and there was some strong discussion. It sounds like there will be another revision of this draft based on comments during the meeting and on the list.
  • There was a TLS 1.3 update and dkg presented a conversation about the 0-RTT security aspects of TLS1.3. There are some subtle differences:
  1. Can't do client authentication.
  2. Forward secrecy guarantees are different and less.
  3. No replay detection.
  4. Client privacy (sessions can be tracked across the network).
  • Future research in this area needs to be done to address the ability to replay queries.


The DHC WG meet on Thursday from 1400-1600 (though we finished early, at 1530).

The following presentations were given with brief summary details (see the meeting minutes for more complete details).

  1. Manufacturer Usage Description Option (draft-lear-mud-framework and draft-lear-ietf-dhc-mud-option) was presented by Eliot Lear. There was some discussion to clarify the usage for these options (client to server, with server echoing to client) as these are not typically "other configuration" options. Also, there was a discussion as to where in the IETF this work should be done. AD (Suresh) to follow up.
  1. Secure DHCPv6 (draft-ietf-dhc-sedhcpv6) and Secure DHCPv6 Deployment Considerations (draft-li-dhc-secure-dhcpv6-deployment) was presented by Ted Lemon for Lishan Li and co-authors. Some additional work is needed on the draft as perhaps too much (signature option) was removed? Also, there was a question as to whether the Deployment Considerations draft was needed (merge with other draft) or needs to be further expanded to be more of a deployment guide and perhaps moved to OPSEC?
  1. DHCPv6 Failover Update (draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-failover-protocol) was presented by Bernie Volz for Kim Kinnear. Document should be ready for WGLC, but needs careful technical review. No volunteers stepped forward to review the document.
  1. DHCPv6 Prefix Length Hint Issues (draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-prefix-length-hint-issue) was presented by Bernie Volz for Tianxiang Li. The authors believe work is ready for WGLC. There was some discussion as to whether it should stay Informational or return to Standards Track.

  1. DHCP Relay / Server Communication and Pervasive Monitoring (no draft) was presented by Bernie Volz. This was initiated because of an IESG Discuss on draft-ietf-dhc-access-network-identifier that relay to relay/server communication is not "secured" against pervasive monitoring. This needs to be taken to the list to determine whether the WG believes there is a problem here.
  1. DHCPv6bis update (draft-ietf-dhc-rfc3315bis) was presented by Tomek Mrugalski for authors. The plan is to submit an 05 draft in May and initiate WGLC. Volunteers were found to review the document during WGLC.
  1. Forcerenew Reconfiguration Extensions for DHCPv4 (draft-fang-dhc-dhcpv4-forcerenew-extensions) was presented by Luyuan Fang. While the document got a good reception, it isn't clear if there is sufficient interest to adopt this work; will be taken to list.