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    128128Finally, there was a report and a summary of lessons learned from the first 6lo plugfest (PF). There is an intention to start having these semi-regularly (e.g., every 2 or 3 IETF's) and potentially having one in Berlin in conjunction with 6tisch.
     130 == HIP ==
     132The HIP WG is chartered to revise the main HIP specs, which are Experimental, into Proposed Standards. Consequently, the WG has a few "bis" drafts, which revise the old Experimental HIP specs. Additionally, there are a couple of drafts that are spin offs of those specs: the NAT traversal mechanism and the multihoming part of the mobility and multihoming spec. We decided to document these in separate specs for clarity. We have also added a new HIP DEX draft to the charter. We intend to close the WG after publishing that draft as RFC.
     134We are requesting the publication of our drafts in batches so that reviewers have the necessary context when performing their reviews. The first batch included RFC 4843bis, RFC 5201bis, and RFC 5202bis, all of which have already been published as RFCs. The second batch included RFC 5203bis, RFC 5204bis, RFC 5205bis, and RFC 6253bis. We have already requested the publication of the second batch. The editors of the drafts are currently addressing IETF LC comments. The WG is actively working on preparing the next batch for pub req.