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    109109WG appreciates this contribution and encourages further work on the document.
     111 == 6lo ==
     1136lo had some IEEE-centric documents to discuss this time. draft-droms-6lo-ethertype-request requests an ethertype for 6lowpan encapsulation as applied to different link layers including 802.11ah (HaLow), ethernet (e.g., for debugging purposes), etc. This is a very simple document whose purpose is to enable the IETF to request an ethertype from the IEEE. There was good support to adopt it as WG document. After a week's worth of mailing list confirmation it will be advanced quickly.
     115Similarly, newer versions of 802.15.4 allow for information elements (IE's) to be added to the frames. draft-kivinen-802-15-ie-00 aims at obtaining an IE code assignment for the IETF, with subtyping handled by the IETF for different uses such as 6tisch, 6lo, core, etc.
     117 draft-ietf-6lo-6lobac-04: IPv6 over MS/TP ("Bacnet") has had a long history. There are only a few comments in the pipeline after which this document will advance to the IESG.
     119draft-ietf-6lo-nfc-03: IPv6 over NFC still needs a bit more review, but after those it should be ready for WG LC.
     121draft-chairs-6lo-dispatch-iana-registry-02: Ready to progress beyond its WG LC. Requesting shepherd's (Jonathan Hui) write up to advance it.
     123draft-ietf-6lo-paging-dispatch-01: Soliciting some final comments. Will advance to IESG shortly. Note:  draft-ietf-roll-routing-dispatch-00, as its name implies, recently changed from 6lo to roll ownership. Advancing there with review from 6lo.
     125draft-reza-6lo-ipsec-03: This document has had a long history. Still passionately debated within the WG. Show of hands was 5 for, 4 not interested in pursuing. To be continued online.
     127 draft-thubert-6lo-backbone-router-03: Another document with a long history. Next 6tisch plugfest will include testing of it. This document and efficient ND (Samita and Erik) will work towards merging.
     129draft-sarikaya-6lo-ap-nd: Another document with much discussion. It does seem to provide protection against some DoS attacks, but there was some caution that the document should limit itself to a narrow scope. 
     131 draft-hong-6lo-use-cases-01: Clarified goals, but still some discussion about its purpose. There was some support for making it an outward-facing document to educate outside people on the value that 6lo brings to IoT.
     133Finally, there was a report and a summary of lessons learned from the first 6lo plugfest (PF). There is an intention to start having these semi-regularly (e.g., every 2 or 3 IETF's) and potentially having one in Berlin in conjunction with 6tisch.