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    7878* Information Distribution over GRASP was not presented due to the overtime. It would have the priority in next meeting among non-milestone work items.
     80 == dnssd ==
     82dnssd WG, Monday afternoon session 2, 3:50PM
     84* Chairs’ Introduction
     86* Discussion: WGLC of Hybrid Unicast/Multicast DNS-Based Service Discovery
     89Several WG members supplied input during the WG last call.  Stuart Cheshire responded to that input.  He will edit draft-ietf-dnssd-hybrid-03 according to that input and publish rev-04.  The chairs will review -04 for completeness and submit the draft to the IESG for publication.
     91* Discussion: Next Steps for DNS Push Notifications
     94There was input during discussion that this document actually specifies two different behaviors: DNS-over-TCP and DNS updates.  The authors will split draft-ietf-dnssd-push-06 into two documents, one for each behavior.
     96* Discussion: WGLC of On Interoperation of Labels between DNS and Other Resolution Systems
     99There was no input about this document during the lWG last call. Because the document has been thoroughly review by the WG during an earlier WG last call, the chairs have decided to submit the draft to the IESG for publciation.
     101* Discussion: -03 version of Scalable DNS-SD (SSD) Threats
     104Because of a review and discussion of this document on the WG mailing list, the presentation was taken off the agenda.
     106* Discussion: New draft: Privacy Extensions for DNS-SD 
     109WG appreciates this contribution and encourages further work on the document.