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    59597. Forcerenew Reconfiguration Extensions for DHCPv4 (draft-fang-dhc-dhcpv4-forcerenew-extensions) was presented by Luyuan Fang. While the document got a good reception, it isn't clear if there is sufficient interest to adopt this work; will be taken to list.
     61== ANIMA ==
     63ANIMA Monday afternoon session, 120 minutes. 38 attendees in the room + 10 remote participants in the room.
     65* Signaling design team presented document status, including messages re-orgnization, new flood message and loop avoidance mechnism etc.
     66* Bootstrap design team presented document status, including comparing with security in netconf and 6tisch, etc.
     67* Autonomic control plane draft presented work status, including naming, addressing, leveraging GRASP in ACP, secure/insecure channels, etc.
     68* Reference model document presented work status. Progress since last IETF includes Adjacency Table, a couple of open issues on "intent distribution", "function overview", "security & Trust", etc.
     69* Prefix management in large-scale network draft presented work status, including narrowing the scope to only cover edge prefix management, etc.
     70* An open source implementation of SNBI & ACP with ODL Beryllium is presented.
     72Thursday afternoon, session 2, 60 minutes. About 31 attendees in the room + 6 remote participants.
     74* Autonomic network intent concept and format is presented. Recently there are a number of active discussions regarding to this topic in the mail list. The WG showed great interests on this topic.
     75* A day in the life of an autonomic function was presented.
     76* Autonomic Functions Coordination was presented.
     77* Information and Knowledge exchange in Autonomic Networks was presented.
     78* Information Distribution over GRASP was not presented due to the overtime. It would have the priority in next meeting among non-milestone work items.