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IETF 94 Summaries


The DHC wg met on Thursday (11/5) for 2 hours with the following presentations:

  1. YANG Data Model for DHCPv6 Configuration, Linhui Sun
  2. Relay Initiated Release, Sunil M Gandhewar
  3. Moving forward on Secure DHCPv6, Tomek Mrugalski & Lishan Li
  4. DHCPv6 Failover Update, Bernie Volz (for Kim Kinnear)
  5. DHCPv6 Prefix Length hint issues, Lishan Li (for Tianxiang Li)
  6. DHCPv6bis update & issues discussion, Bernie Volz

(more details to come)


The DPRIVE (DNS Privacy Exchange) WG met on Monday 5 November. Presentations included dns-over-tls, dns-over-dtls, dprive-privacy-eval. There was a presentation on a new possible encryption mechanism dprive-dnsenc. We discussed a path forward, and then the chairs did an interpretive dance.