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     92== 6MAN ==
     94The 6MAN working group met for a 2 1/2 hour session on Wednesday morning at IETF94. The session was well attended. The agenda, and slides from 6MAN are available at: ​​
     96The agenda was organized to give priority to working group drafts, individual drafts with active discussion, and new individual drafts. With the new individual drafts being given 5 minutes and 3 slides each. There was no time for presentation of new drafts at this meeting.
     98Major topics discussed where the host routing in a multi-prefix network, IPv6 to Internet Standard, and Hop-by-Hop header handling.
     100The recently adopted Host routing in a multi-prefix network was presented.  There is good for support for this work and it is expected to move forward.
     102An update on the project to move the IPv6 to Internet Standard was presented.  As a result of the discussion the plan going forward is to:
     104- Complete work on rfc2460bis and rfc4291bis
     105- Move the ICMPv6 (RFC4443) will be advance as is
     106- Path MTU Discover, RFC1981 will need a small update
     107- Collect data to make sure there is interoperability for the updated document
     108- Submit to IESG for Internet Standard as a package:
     110    - rfc2460bis, rfc4291bis, rfc1981bis
     111    - RFC4443, RFC3596, RFC1981, RFC2460, RFC4941
     113As part of the discussion, the update to RFC2460 made by draft-ietf-6man-deprecate-atomfrag-generation-03 will be incorporated in rfc2460bis, and this draft will be published for Informational status.
     115There was an active discussion on proposed changes to the handling of the Hop-by-Hop header.  A general consensus was reached to allow this header to be processed or ignored based on the configuration of a node.
     117'''__Summary meeting results:__'''
     119The chairs will start w.g. last calls for:
     121 - draft-ietf-6man-ipv6-mibs-obsolete-00
     122 - draft-ietf-6man-multi-homed-host-02
     123 - draft-ietf-6man-rdnss-rfc6106bis-06
     125The following document adoption will be confirmed on the mailing list:
     127 - draft-hinden-6man-rfc4291bis-06
     128 - draft-krishnan-6man-maxra-03
     129 - draft-previdi-6man-segment-routing-header-08