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    11IETF 94 Summaries
     3== 6TiSCH ==
     5The 2-hour 6TiSCH meeting focused mainly on 3 elements:
     6- rechartering. This has been discussed during 2 interim meetings, and the text presented at the WG meeting summarized the conclusions from those discussions. The proposed new charter builds upon the old charter, and introduces dynamic scheduling of cells. Several constructive remarks were made about the presentation of the different work items; the chairs took as action items to integrate those in proposed charter text, and to transmit it to the IESG.
     7- the main technical part of the meeting was dedicated to the draft-wang-6tisch-6top-sublayer-03 and draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0-00 drafts (both of which are complementary). No major issues were raised about these draft, but the WG asked a number of clarifying technical questions and make some smal suggestions the authors agreed to integrate.
     8- a presentation of draft-thubert-6tisch-4detnet-01, which links the work done at 6TiSCH with the work done at DetNet. The chairs asked for more feedback on the document on the mailing.
     10A number of other points were raised:
     11- draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal-12 was transmitted to the IESG a couple of weeks before the IETF94 meeting. Three constructive reviews were sent back to the WG. To advance the work on the draft, and in the interest of time, the reviews are discussed on the ML. We had a discussion on the status of the draft (currently Proposed Standard), which we will conclude on the ML.
     12- We announced the second 6TiSCH plugtests event to be held on 2-4 February 2016 in Paris, France, organized by ETSI and hosted by Inria.
     13- We had an announcement about a Study Group created at the IEEE around defining an LLC which could include work from the 6TiSCH and 6lo WGs, as well as a KMP and L2R routing protocol. We agreed to continue the IETF/IEEE liaison around that aspect. The same announcement was made in the 6lo and ROLL WGs, with a longer presentation at the INT Area session.
     15The full minutes, the detailed action items and the presented slides are published in the IETF material manager. The meeting was recorded through Meetecho, and the recording (audio+video) is available.
    317== DHC ==